Welcome to the Cafeteria of Loachapoka Schools!

CLICK HERE for a menu.

We strive to serve a healthy, nutritious meal for the students of Loachapoka Schools at both breakfast and lunch.  Please understand that there will be times when the menu is changed at the last minute.

Pre-pay for school meals at www.PayPAMS.com.

Here are the current costs:


Student Reduced (K-12) - $.30

Student Regular - $1.25

Staff - $1.75 

Visitors: Adults - $2.00 / Children - $1.50


Student Reduced (Grades K-12) - $.40

Student Regular (Grades K-6) - $1.85

Student Regular (Grades 7-8) - $2.10

Student Regular (Grades 9-12) - $2.35

Staff - $3.00

Visitors: Adults - $3.75 / Children - $3.00

The Lee County Schools Wellness Plan:

The Lee County School District is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect a student's health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity. The school district will provide healthy meals that meet nutritional requirements, promote physical activity, follow nutritional standards for all foods available on campus, and monitor school based activities to promote student wellness. The wellness plan requires a reduction in the amount of fat and sugar in your child's school-sponsored breakfast/lunch. It also regulates what can be given out in the classroom. 

Click here for a copy of the LCS Wellness Plan.